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Our typical Construction Engineering Services include site visits, conceptual design to meet contractor requirements, final design and DOT or other approval.

The typical projects that we support include bridges, roadways, sewer systems, drainage sytems and buildings (commercial and residential).

bridge removal

Recent Projects

Temporary Support System in Morristown, VT

temporary support system in Morristown, VT

Temporary Bridge in Dover, NH

Temporary bridge - Dover, NH

Your Project is Our Top Priority

Eckman Engineering, LLC gives construction engineering projects top priority throughout each construction season. Submittals and engineering support services are handled promptly and with the highest possible quality.

Team Mission: Eckman Engineering, LLC works together with a team of specialized staff experienced in construction, structural, civil and survey engineering. We take pride in providing cost effective, innovative, and timely solutions to the most difficult construction method and means problems. We enjoy helping our clients succeed and look forward to working with you soon!

Our Construction Engineering Services

  • Temporary Bridge Design
  • Demolition Plans
  • Temporary Support Systems
  • Suspended Work Platform—Paint Containment Systems
  • Water Diversion and Cofferdams
  • Erosion and Sediment Control (SWPPP)

Cofferdam Project in Exeter, NH

cooferdam project in Exeter, NH

Coverd Bridge Rehabilitation in Rockingham, VT

In this construction engineering project, we aided in the rehabilitation of the Worrall Covered Bridge.

covered bridge rehabilitation